I carry some baggage, too wretched and heavy,
Pins me to the ground, makes me walk so slow.

It seems like a curse, a never ending bane;
I need to live with it, yet not allow the misery to grow.

I know I am depleted; I have carried it for so long,
But there's something stubborn in me, that won’t let it go.

Even if I froze, somewhere along the path,
I hope to turn into a milestone, for others to follow.

I drag my feet and carry them, for some more distance,
Look ahead in eternity, where the stars of my hope glow.

A new baggage awaits me, at the destination,
I'll take the new baggage. This old one, I'll throw!

The destination is far and seems quite distant,
But on reaching there, I hope to make an impact, a blow!

There's something which encourages me to move forward,
I'll make it to the destination, and let the whole world know!

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