We Will Meet Again

This poem that I composed during 7th semester in my college. I was planning to sing/recite this poem along with my guitar performance at the Annual Talent evening in college, but could not do so due to time constraints...
I was just allowed to play the song, no poems !

We sat in the lawns of campus yesterday,
Remembering the moments spent in joy and disdain.

Soon each of us will go in a different way,
But they say, that someday, we will meet again.

We have grown together through this 4 years of time,
In this duration we lived our lives to its prime,
But there's more to come, separation is just a pain,
For the say, that someday, we will meet again.

My mind however is caught in a confusing maze,
To think about the future or live in these days,
Tomorrow when I will take a trip down memory lane,
I will recall, that we were to meet again.

But just for today lets keep these worries at bay,

For one fact holds simple and plain,
With great friends and moments we have come a long way,
Thus, we can say that, we will meet again.


  1. Hi Nilay,

    i read both your poems on the blog site...and they are fabulous.... never knew u write so well.... i loved them....
    keep writing.... m looking forward to reading many more such poems... :-)))

    Take care,

  2. Wah re mere Nilaya..
    really a touchy poem. Pics are mast too..

  3. Thanks Nidhi, I m elated... keep watching this space for more..

    Shunty, thanks for the poem... the pics had a natural charm... the credit goes to the wonderful college life :-)